Seeing stars at Cineworld!

I'VE always loved the experience of going to the pictures - the anticipation, the waft of the popcorn, the cry of "you've pushed in" - it just can't be topped.

So I was delighted when my two sons - Jack and Ben - seemed just as excited as I was to be at Cineworld Parkhead.

Admittedly, we were going to see a kids' movie - Night at the Museum 2 - but there was definitely a thrill in the air. It might have had something to do with the vast numbers of sweeties we had all ingested in the car on the way there, but I was definitely buzzing!

One of the problems I find with modern cinemas is the lack of character - often the new mulitplex constructions look like little more than airport waiting rooms, soul-less and empty.

Luckily, Cineworld Parkhead isn't like that - it's bright, airy and festooned with loads of colourful cut-outs. I had to basically drag the kids into the cinema before they started to get too "hands-on".

Fortunately the Parkhead staff are extremely friendly and didn't seem to mind Jack and Ben's antics, with one kind lady even procuring us booster seats for the kids, in case Mr Potato Head popped in to enjoy the show.

We settled down in the lovely, clean theatre and the kids were enthralled.

Night at the Museum told the story of hapless security guard Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) who is amazed when the exhibits come to life at his museum and start running amok (a bit like having kids). He starts to get control and with the help of his new friends he even manages to foil a robbery.

In Night of the Museum 2, Larry is no longer a security guard - he's made his fortune and hung up his torch for good.

That doesn't stop him riding to the rescue though when his old pals at the museum are packed up in crates and hauled away to the archives at the Smithsonian - the world's biggest museum.

The world's worst baddies - Al Capone, Genghis Khan and Egyptian nastie Kah Mun Rah - are holding his friends hostage and he's got to save the day with the help of buddies such as Amelia Earhart and General Custer.

It's silly fun, but it's great stuff - and you might even find your kid learning a thing or two (alright, I learned a thing or too - it's been a while since I've been in a museum).

We had an amazing day out at Cineworld Parkhead - it was my first time out at the pictures with the full family and I loved it.

DVDs are great and all that, but you just can't beat the atmosphere of being in a movie theatre with your family and hundreds of strangers - all laughing at a man being cuffed by a monkey.

It's what life's all about!

Value for money: 8

Variety: 10

Access: 9

Family suitability: 10

Overall: 9

Top tip: Check out the Movies for Juniors, with a range of films on at 10am on a Saturday at the bargain ticket price of 1!

Contact details:

Cineworld Parkhead, Forge Shopping Centre, 1221 Gallowgate, Glasgow, G31 4EB.

Call 0871 200 2000

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By Alan Muir